Print a certificate with information pulled from blackboard VLE ?

Feb 04, 2015


Can anyone help me with how to print a certificate of completion that would pull the Users Name / Course Name / Date of completion / and score (%) from blackboard VLE.

I've searched on here and found a few examples where the user would enter their name into a text field then that could be printed on a certificate, but thats not really what i was after.  I would like the input from the user simply to be clicking the button to print the certificate.

I've found this page which lists the blackboard variables, but i'm not sure how to go about the integration from there.

any help appreciated.




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Elizabeth Miles

Hi Ash,

Can you tell me where in Owen's Storyline file/javascript you added the Blackboard variables?  I can get the file to work as-is on Blackboard, which is great because we have had a lot of trouble with SCORM and Blackboard in the past, but I don't seem to have the variables entered correctly.  Thanks for sharing the information on Bb variables, btw.  I tried adding them to an announcement and they worked perfectly!  

Ashley Reynolds

Hi Elizabeth,

There were only 4 triggers to copy across if i recall correctly:

  • first page of project on timeline start = JS trigger to get the student name
  • first page of project on timeline start = JS trigger to get the date
  • assessment results page = Set ScorePercent equal to the value of Results.ScorePercent (when timeline starts)
  • assessment results page - print button on success layer = JS trigger to open window and create the HTML certificate

The only other thing to check was that you have set up the variables correctly (see attached image), if this is the problem they will most likely be displayed as Null.

Hope this helps,



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