Print Results - custom styling

Hi, folks

I'm wondering how to style the Print Results page in Storyline.

This post from October 2011 refers to Presenter/Quizmaker with a workarond/hack that it says is not supported by Articulate.

Has this been addressed in Storyline?

Sure, I can edit the report.html file and employ simple HTML & CSS hacks to make basic styling changes. But it sure would be good if -- using some simple UI tools -- we could add custom branding to, and edit those circa-1996 table borders from, the page that's printed for students' records.

Am I missing something in the Storyline interface that allows us to do this already?



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Peter Anderson

Hey Leslie

The link in that thread you shared should apply to Storyline as well, but as you know, it's not something we can officially support. And please feel free to share your input on a built-in print result customizer. We take our customers' feature requests very seriously, and your feedback helps us determine what to implement in future builds. Thanks again!

Heather Dickinson

Hi - I've just had a request from a client that the course title display in the print results.  Surely that would be a basic "must have" that the course title (or at least the quiz title) is simply one of the fields that is printed with the results?  I didn't even think to check this..... bugger bugger.  Any other options or workarounds that could be suggested other than editing the html?