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Aug 23, 2017

Hi there,

I've created a quiz with several chapters each chapter ending with a Results Page and Print Result option. When I test the Print Results the report behaves exactly as I need it, besides the fact that in 'Question' column I doesn't display the text of the question, but only its type (Pick One), and in 'Correct Answer' & 'Student Answer' columns it displays the button names and not the relevant texts of the answers that are linked to these buttons. Is it possible to change this, so that the report shows the Question text and Answer text? Thanks!

Screenshot results report



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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Lina,

In the freeform question types, Storyline is only picking up the button names themselves and the question type for the report - not the individual text associated with each button or the question text. 

Some folks in the community have looked at editing the report.html file in the published output to modify what is included there - so that may be an option for you needs too. 

If you need more help on how to do that, I'll leave you in the hands of our community experts! 

Vincent Scoma

Hi Sherri,

Thank you for reaching out!

At the moment, the print reports feature only picks up the button names and the question type for the report. The text associated with each button or the question text is not applied to the printout page. 

I am hoping that others in the community will share their insights on editing the report.html! 

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