Reporting short answers to LMS

I have a storyline project where users have to enter information in short answer format.  I have set up 3 data entry slides with 4 answers on each slide (text entry boxes) and then set up a question slide for each answer which links to the text entry box.  Also, there is a results slide which reports all answers and works just fine.  The problem is that when I print the results slide, the answers do not appear in the report.  If I go to each question slide and manually enter in the answer, it reports fine.  The text from the data entry reports in the question slides and the results slide but not to the printed report.  Have I missed a step?

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Ali Goulet

Hey Marie,

That sounds like an interesting setup! Would you mind sharing your .story file here so I can take a look at it? I may be able to spot what's happening once I can see it first-hand.

You can attach it right to a comment in this discussion using the Add Attachment feature in the comment box. 

Really appreciate it!