'Print Slide' new function and how to print a single slide (Lightbox) in different orientation (A4 portrait) from rest (standard landscape screen)

Aug 25, 2022

Is there a way now to change the size of a single Lightbox slide and leave the rest of the slides (not in the same scenes) to 'story size'? I am using the new PRINT SLIDE function and created a Lightbox slide that capture the LMS student name on it. The problem is that the 'story size' is landscape whilst this lightbox (a special certificate) should be portrait A4. Any idea on how this can be done?

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Jose Tansengco

Hi Andrea, 

There isn't a way to change the size of a single Lightbox from within Storyline 360, but I’m sure one of our talented community members will have suggestions for you for any custom solutions that they've come across. 

I'd also just like to share that when the print page window appears, you'll have the option to set the orientation and paper size of the output, as shown here: 


Andrea Borsoi

Thanks a lot Joe. Yes indeed it is possible to change the orientation manually, I simply fear users won't do it. I came up with a solution too, meanwhile. I placed an image of the A4 I want users to print, and oriented it 90 degrees, so whilst it is originally a Portray, the image it shows on the print page window as Landscape (sideways), and once printed it is anyway in a physical A4 with portray  orientation. The Lightbox is not really appearing to users so it should be ok. 

Thanks for your help