Free Template - Printable Notepad

I was looking in the forum for a thread about capturing user text and exporting it to an external HTML file or PDF when I stumbled across this somewhat dated thread by by Mark Ramsey.

In the demo file you will see that I have created variables for up to 20 notes but I have provided output for just 8. You will see from the javaScript how to modify the code to use more.  I have also restricted the text input to 500 characters, but you can easily change that on each slide.

So, not being a javaScript guru, I thought I would render up a demo file of Mark's implementation to see how it would work in practice.  I have adapted it quite a bit, and while I am please with the outcome I still find it doesn't quite achieve what I had hoped. 

The output does not seem to allow for carriage returns (do people even still use that phrase?) or line breaks.  That is if you type into the text fields and press enter to create a line break, this is not replicated in the output which renders as a single continuous paragraph (but it does wrap). 

So, I would like to ask if there is anyone out there who could adapt this example javaScript furtther to:

  1. Get the line breaks working.
  2. Allow the script to perpetually save/delete via the browsers localStorage capability.   

I have absolutely no idea whether or not any of this is even possible, but maybe you love a challenge!

Hope to hear from you...


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