Printing certificates from Storyline

I have read the tutorial Steve created here, but had issues getting it to work from my LMS.  I'm also wondering if there is a solution for HTML5 as well as Flash-versions of the course.

Our courses are going to be uploaded to an LMS and they want to print certificates from the course with the user's name as they type it in. I have uploaded an abbreviated version of what I've been asked to do.

I need the certificate to print just as it appears in the second slide.  I know I can right-click and print, but it will print player information as well as the certificate. Probably another question, but is there a way to have a single slide appear without any player information so it is simply what is on the "stage"?

Thank you in advance!

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Hi Jeffrey,

I'm wondering the same thing as you except that right now I will be hosting my Storyline course on our website until we implement an LMS.  I would like our users to be able to print off a certificate but not sure how to do this other than printing their screen.  Did you find a solution?