Printing out Essay Questions in Storyline

Mar 25, 2013

From what I gather on this forum it is not possible for a user to print an essay without adding a results slide - from there providing a print button - I am new to storyline so I just wanted to confirm this is correct.   I have a project with several reflections and they wanted to provide a way on each reflection slide to print out what they had written. 

Thanks for any help!


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Dan Myers

Hi sharon,

I've done this two ways:

1. Using the results screen like you mentioned. I just modified the look and feel so that it just had the print button but none of the other "results" screen info. Then I tweaked the report.html file that is built after publishing so that it wouldn't show the extra stuff like "Correct answer" and just showed the text submitted by the learner. If you're comfortable turning off some columns in the report.html file this is a pretty easy solution.

2. You can also just store the essay text in a variable. Then display it on a screen and add a print button of your own by adding an "Execute Javascript" trigger. In the "Script" section just type:


The con to this is that it's just like choosing file --> print on your browser so the formatting may not be pretty.

Hope that helps.


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