Printing results from several text text entry fields

Feb 24, 2015

I created four text entry fields and would like to print the results of this to the report.htlm file.  These text boxes are not graded (e.g. does not have a correct response).   When I create a results page, it only gives the result (the user imputed text) for one of the questions.  I found this documented under the tutorials:

Tip: If you convert an existing slide with data-entry fields into a freeform text-entry question, use the Field to evaluate drop-down to identify the field you want to evaluate. Only one field per slide can be evaluated. (emphasis added)

Maybe I am not understanding this statement correctly, but I believe this is why I only see one question on my report.html page.  My question, it how can I get the user inputted responses from all four questions to be shown on the report.html page?

Second question:  When I made the question, I put the text describing the question (e.g. "write you name here") as the text in the shape.  When the user fills in the question this descriptive text is replaced by their response.  As a result, the question is labeled in the report as "Text Entry Interaction."  Any way around this without creating a separate question label?

Thanks.  Still learning my way around this amazing program.

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Emily Ruby

Hello Mark,

If you need several questions to be evaluated, you would need to make them separate quiz slides and have them all report to a results slide. 

Are you using a freeform text entry or a graded fill in the blank slide? For the freeform, the question will show up on the print results as Text Entry. If you use the fill in the blank, you can type your question text under Form View to have it show on your printed results.

Mark Vogel

Seems awkward that if I want to collect four text variables, I would need to make them as four separate quiz slides.

I have my slide set up right now as freeform.  To test your idea about fill in the blank (so that I can printout the variable label) I created a test file with this method, and again it appears that I can create only one question per quiz/slide.

Am I missing something or is this the correct method?  Thanks for your help.

Emily Ruby

Hi Mark,

There would only be one text entry available per slide that could be evaluated per question. You can add multiple text entries by following this method here. If these need to be tracked you can look here about sending Variables to an LMS.

When you use the fill in the blank, you would need to add the question text under Form View to get that printed on the results.

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