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Sep 11, 2012

Is there a way to stop people re-sending our published URL project and claiming it as their own?

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Mike Enders


That's a tough one (and a breach of ethics if that's why they'd do).  My quick thoughts on the easiest and most cost effective solution (read free) is to:

1. Publish the link out to your personal (or company) branded web site.  This way your company name would be in the URL.  

2. Place some type of watermark or logo branding with your information in the demo.  This could be a logo in the logo panel, a small watermark on each slide, or an opening or ending slide with your information.  You should be able to do this in an elegant enough manner so that it doesn't scream "Don't Steal This!!".

Now, this doesn't stop them from forwarding the address, but it does make it hard to pass it off as their own work.

The next step up would be to put it behind a password protected wall of some type (a project site or CMS), but that's much more time consuming and potentially adds expense.


Sheila Aldred

Thanks Mike!

I also have one more question;

one of my slides does not transition into the next slide when the timeline ends as the trigger says it should. I can see no difference in the triggers on this slide than any of the other working slides. The only difference is that in the scenes panel on the left hand side the transition arrows are closer than the other slides arrows!

any help would be great!


Sheila Aldred


Do you see the arrows on the left hand side panel?

the above pic is the slide that doesnt transition and the below is a pic of a slide that transitions perfect

Do you see what I ment by the arrows appearing closer together on the one that doesnt work?

The trigger panels on the right seem to be the same, so that is the only difference I can see...


Mike Enders

The triggers are a little different (jump to next slide versus jump to slide 1.10 6). Not sure that that's the issue though.  Two things...

1. Check the slide properties (gear icon) for the slide that's not advancing.  Make sure that it's set to automatically advance.

2. I can't see the end of the timeline on the slide that's not advancing. Is there anything there (like large gap) that is impacting things?


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