Problem getting YouTube video to play before my webcam video

Jun 29, 2020

I have a slide with a webcam video and an embedded YouTube video (created with Insert > Video > Video from website). I would like for the YouTube video to play first, then my video, and created triggers that I thought would do that:

Play video Online Video 1
    When the timeline starts on this slide
Play video Webcam Video
    When Online Video 1 completes

When I run the published project (HTML5), my video plays, then nothing (unless the user presses the embedded video's play button).

How would I get the embedded video to auto-play first?

Thank you.


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Walt Hamilton

Far too many people are watching videos at work, and getting into trouble for it when a video starts suddenly with the volume turned up. To prevent companies from turning off people's ability to browse from work (and see their ads), Google disabled autoplay, and other browsers followed suit. All browsers now refuse to autoplay a video until the user has interacted in some way with the website, to indicate that they indeed, do want a video to autoplay. So the short answer is that you have to get the user to click before the embedded video will autoplay.

The way I get around it is to put a button on the welcome slide that the user has to click to start the course. That somehow counts as interacting, even though I haven't accessed the video site yet. At least it works for Vimeo, I don't know about YouTube.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Ellen,

Auto-play settings for YouTube are dependent on the Flash output, so I would recommend allowing the user to trigger this behavior.

In addition, the timeline of a video hosted on another platform, such as YouTube, is not tied to the timeline in your course, so triggering your second video to play after the YouTube video is completed is not going to work. 

I can see that the YouTube video is 1:14 long and you can manipulate the timeline to reflect this time and move the webcam video to present later on the timeline:

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