Change state of button from hidden to normal when media completes doesn't work with embedded youtube video?

Apr 03, 2020

Hey guys! I can't seem to get the trigger "When media completes" to work. I'm trying to have a continue button appear after a user watches an embedded youtube video. The video plays fine, but the button never appears after the video is completed. My trigger is set up as follows

Change state of continue button to Normal

When media completes --> Online Video 1

Any thoughts?


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Jeff Forrer

Hello, I don't believe your solution will work as the video is on the main timeline and that seekbar is specific to that timeline.  When you open an external YouTube video, my understanding is that Storyline is not able to communicate with that video, at least out of the box. 

So I don't think you are doing anything wrong, other than that I don't think using that trigger will work here.  There may be a different solution that works that someone may be able to offer. maybe using JS.

Another option would be to keep your video on the main timeline and extend it to the length of the embedded video granted it autoplays, when it is done you could set Continue true then or at end of timeline.  This would only work if you locked the seekbar so they could not scrub it, so not an ideal solution.

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