Problem in adding double spacing in the text entry input field

Nov 20, 2020


I am making a text entry interactive in which user have to write on the lines placed. There are double space between the lines. I added double spacing in the text entry input field. But when I preview and write text in the text entry field, there is always single space between the lines of text and not double space. Kindly help me out. The storyline file is attached below.

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Katie Riggio

Hi there, Zohaa!

Thanks for writing back, and opening a support case for this.

After another look, your experience matches an issue in Storyline where line spacing doesn't keep when a learner enters text in a data-entry field.

The only workaround we know of at this point is this community solution: 

We'll notify you if we hear of other options along with any changes to the bug!

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