Problem in "Matching Drag and Drop" after upgrading in Storyline360


I have upgraded my SL2 file to 360. But after that i am not able to drag and drop the correct option with the right match.
When i select the option with click it shows option is selected but do not match and keep on moving with the cursor.
For your reference, i have attached the screenshot and Storyline file. Please update me on same as soon as possible.

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Rachna

not sure why you had all those triggers on the quiz slide - once you have the matches in the form view you don't need to create individual triggers you only need the 'Submit interaction'.  There was one trigger that wouldn't delete - I rebuilt the quiz and it's working as expected without all the triggers.

See attached video

Sorry if I misunderstood what you are trying to do.

Rachna Rai

Hi Farmer

Thank you for time and effort.

Yes, you have understood my issue at some extent.

I know that there is no issue in SL360 "matching Drag and drop". My point is when i am upgrading SL2 file to SL360 then i am facing problem. We have number of production files in  which we cannot remove/delete triggers. We have upgraded few other files also which are working perfectly fine apart from "Matching Drag and Drop".

Please guide me on same !

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Rachna,

Thank you for sharing your file with us. This is definitely not expected behavior for a file upgraded from SL2 to SL360, so I'd want our support engineers to take a closer look. Please let me know your case number if you decide to open a case so I can follow along and share updates here.