Items in focus order not reachable by keyboard shortcut

Mar 25, 2021

Hi.  We converted a drag and drop item to an accessible drag and drop using motion paths and state changes.  The 2 drag items (named Option 1 and Option 2) and textbox 1 (the question) are listed in focus order with accessibility turned on.  For some reason we have not been able to find, the drag rectangles and text box 1 are not "findable" when we navigate with the tab key.  Drop 1 and Drop 2 DO appear as does the submit button.   Would love help solving!  Many thanks.  (File attached.)

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Elizabeth Kuhlmann

Hey Christine!

I've been looking at your file and I think the problem is that there are all of the manual elements of a drag and drop, but it looks like this slide has also been converted to a freeform drag and drop.  Something in there is interfering! As soon as I went to Insert ---> remove freeform from your slide, those objects were visible on my focus order. 

Give that a whirl and see if it works for you.  Once you do, the other thing you'll need to consider is that once you remove that freeform, you need to create your own feedback layers of correct and incorrect, and set up triggers for the submit button to show those layers when the learner gets the combo right or wrong.

I hope that helps!

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Christine,

I'm glad that Elizabeth was able to help you with the example you provided.

I took a look at your project file, but did not see a multiple-choice question, but wanted to share my initial thoughts.

Multiple Choice question choices are viewed as a text box and you will use the arrow keys to navigate the content. Here's an article that explains how to navigate the slide content:

Storyline 360: Slide Content Is More Accessible

Christine Harradine

Very helpful article. Thank you.

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