Storyline side menu focus order is incorrect

Feb 10, 2022

Tabbing order is incorrect. It should be: 

1. Sidebar icon
2. Menu
3. Menu items

The menu items focus order are only accessible last and should be first after selecting the sidebar icon.

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Maria Costa-Stienstra

Hi, Mike.

Thank you for reaching out!

I have a few questions to narrow down the issue and help you troubleshoot:

  • Is the sidebar collapsed in your project?
  • Are you testing the project in Preview mode or after Published?
  • If it's when publishing, which option are you choosing (Review360, Web, etc.)?

I published a sample project for Web, and I was able to tab from the sidebar menu to the menu items and use the arrow keys to move through the different slides. If that's not your experience, I'm happy to take a look at your project or a screen recording if you can share it. 

Michael Marchand

Hi Maria,

When using a side bar, the side bar is collapsed. I Tab key to the Hamburger menu and press enter or spacebar to open the sidebar.

From there, the Tab key or arrow key will not go directly in the menu side bar slides.
I am testing my project from a published web and LMS file.

When using the top bar menu, Tab key and use of the arrow keys to move through the different slides are working only when Jaws is not in use.


Lauren Connelly

Hello Mike!

Thanks for sharing those additional details! I have tested this on my end and found a similar experience to what you've shared. When the Menu is collapsed, the tab key moves from the interactive objects on the slide to the navigation buttons. When you end up at the Menu icon and select the Menu icon, the menu titles appear. The next item in the Focus Order is the Resources tab and not the Slide Titles in the Menu. I reached out to our Engineering team and they confirmed this is expected behavior when the sidebar is collapsed. Instead, I'd recommend not collapsing the Menu and giving the learner a choice to collapse the menu if they prefer.

I hope this provides clarity! I'll update this discussion if there are any changes made to this setup.

Michael Marchand

That is disappointing, if I open the side menu hamburger the next logical selectable item should be a slide page from the list. In my case it focuses on the browser search, then file, then browser address bar, then next button, then MENU title, then a slide from the menu.

Concerning using the top bar menu with drop down

When using the top bar menu, Tab key and use of the arrow keys to move through the different slides are working only when Jaws is not in use.

Will this be adjusted to work with Jaws reader?

Lauren Connelly

Hello Mike!

I understand your frustration and appreciate your following up with these additional details. I'll share your comments with our team as we are currently working to see if this behavior should be changed and how it relates to similar interactions. I'll let you know if there are any changes made!