Problem in uploading storyline published file on LMS


My client is facing a problem that he cannot upload the published file on LMS.

I have published the file using following settings as shown in the attachment.

But while publishing, there appears an error message as:

IMSMANIFEST.XML file does not exist in the uploaded .ZIP file.


Can someone please tell me how to solve the problem.

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Nitin!

Looks like Matthew has popped in to assist you here. Be sure that you are creating the zip file from the publish successful dialog box.

If you need to test the output in another environment, you can upload to SCORM Cloud. If that's successful, you may need to look to the LMS to see why the upload fails.

Xavier Cambier

Hi Nitin, 

I don't know if you find out how to resolve your problem but be carreful when you zip your folder to ZIP in the root of the folder not the folder where all the files are. 
For example : 
All your files are in the folder called : Module 2 Training - 
1 - You go inside the folder
2 - You select all your files inside by pressing CTRL + A 
3 - You right click and you choose "Send to" and then you choose "Zip file"
4 - Rename your zip file
5 - Upload the zip file in your SCORM activity