Problem returning to layer rather than page when revisiting menus

Apr 15, 2014

Hello everyone,

I'm still new here on the forum and really working hard to grasp Storyline.  I'm a well-experienced curriculum designer, but a umm . . . still in grammar school when it comes to authoring. 

I'm having some trouble with menus and particularly when returning to a previously selected menu page. When I jump to a menu item that I've previously visited, rather than landing on the main slide page, it sends me to the last layer page that was visited. Nothing I do seems to change this and there are no triggers giving that command. 

I've been unsuccessful at uploading the test file to the forum today, so I've posted the story.html to my server and you can at least take a look at the issue.

Not sure why the upload isn't working . . . I tried it on two different machines and two browsers and still no results.

Any help with this menu blindspot on my part would be appreciated!



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