Problem saving .story files in Storyline 3

I am having an issue saving Storyline 3 story files.   Out of the blue yesterday, without any change factors that I can identify, I started getting the warning pop-up below as I save a file I am progressively working on.  I may have one or two successful saves and then no more.

I have previously downloaded the latest update and repeated that download again this morning.  I am working locally as usual from my Desktop folder. 

When this happens I find that a new file has been created with a 2 suffix—for example, NScDSmplMgmt_31May20182

I have been through this multiple times today and yesterday on two different story files. 

If I choose to cancel and try again later, I get a different message.


 If I choose to “OVERWRITE,” the process fails.


Does anyone have a fix for this issue?  I am about to push my fist through my monitor.

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Denver,

I saw you submitted a support case this AM as well, and that would be my recommendation so that our team can gather a bit more information from you about how files are being saved, any specific system settings, etc. They'll be in touch shortly, so keep an eye out for an email from

Teresa Scanlon

I'm having the very same issue. I have worked with Support and even had a one-on-one tech session. I am still having the same problem. Can someone please update if this user was able to resolve the issue? Both my colleague and I recently upgraded to SL3 and are very much regretting it since we are having the same problem. 

Denver White

Though a cause of the problem was never isolated/determined, I was able to finally resolve the issue working locally with a company information technology staff member who uninstalled and reinstalled the application using administrator privileges. (I work for a government contractor. I am able to temporarily elevate privileges for software installation on a networked computer, but not as a full administrator.)

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Teresa,

I took a look at Denver's case and it looks like turning off the User Account Control and uninstalling/re-installing with full administrative privileges corrected the issue for him.

Thank you for reaching back out to Robert to let him know you're still running into difficulty as well.

I'm going to let him know that you're reaching out in the forums as well.