Problem Solving Video Animation Difficulties

Dec 20, 2023

Hey guys,

Trying to find a solution here. I want my video to animate in and out with a "fly" animation on a layer. I also need the layer to hide when the media completes. However, when that's the case, the video does not show that fly-out animation and cuts quickly. It looks unprofessional. I can't hide the layer when the timeline ends in case someone decides to skip to the end of the video in the controls (which is fine). I need the video controls too for captions and functionality. I also don't want to show the player. I've wracked my brain on this one and can't find a solution! 

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Tom Kuhlmann

I assume the video has an entrance and exit animation (fly in.out).

Try this:

  • Set a cue point at the end of the entrance animation
  • Set a cue point at the beginning of the exit animation
  • Trigger: pause timeline on layer when reaches cue point 1 (this allows the entrance animation to play)
  • Trigger: play media when timeline reaches cue point 1 (the timeline should stay paused but the media will play
  • Trigger: jump to cue point 2 when video completes
  • Trigger: resume timeline when when video completes
  • Trigger: hide layer when exit animation on video completes

The general idea is to allow the entrance animation to start, then pause timeline. The resume timeline at the exit animation.

I did a quick mock up and it seems to work, but you'll need to test it. I also had a video player and was able to scrub through it.