Problem when Using variables and Automatically revisit

Jan 26, 2023

Hi guys I need a help!!!!
I am Stucked at one place, I made a Scene like below 
1. 3 topic in main slide, If user clicks one one topic it Go to respective content slide, after the slide ends there is a button called back, If user click it Go back to main slide where I kept 3 topics from there he can choose another topic like that, after all completed "Click next to continue " instruction will appear at right corners. , for that I used variables and that worked well but the problem is If I came to this slide after went previous slide after completing the slide the next button and states for the 3 topics were not changed because of variables. For that i used a method that is variables should set to default state when timeline starts on this slide if the three topics were visited. then all the variables should change to default state then our slide reset to normal. but the case is after all doing this the slide is not starting as fresh, i see the visited stated.

2. above slide I need to make revisit to "Automatically Decide" the another problem with this is Second time I came to this slide from previous it will be same where when I click previous or next.

Could you guys suggest me better solution  for this
for some company policies am not able to share SL with you 
for your ref am adding PPT how I imagined the slide should be.

please give me a reply quick 

will discuss if you didn't  understand what I meant.
and any one is interested to teach me JavaScript in storyline
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Garth Yorko

Use layers rather than separate pages.  Have the base layer reset to the initial state when revisiting. I also create a custom state for the buttons.  I call it "Complete".  

So, when the learner clicks button 1, show layer 1.

  • When the learner clicks the "Back" button on layer 1, change the state of Button 1 to Complete, and hide the layer.
  • Repeat these for the other 2 layers.

I also disable the next button when the timeline on the base level starts. The Next button change to normal when the state of all the buttons is equal to Complete.

That should do it for you. See attached

robert ruby

Thanks Garth yorko! but there is problem, each topic slide have Buttons especially in the topic 2 have 2 buttons and each button have another explanations and there also some buttons. if I use all in layers its difficult to call layer objects in another layer right. for example if I add a smiley object in layer 1 I couldn't  call this smiley in 2nd layer right. and more over making all these in single slide requires lot of triggers  which make us little confuse we open after some time. i will share you my SL if you are free ping me at my mail once.