Review correct questions when revisiting the topic

I have built a course in storyline 2 with a index slide. From de index slide you can follow two topics. Both topics have a question bank and result slide at the end. If you aswer al the questions correct you can go back to the index slide. After that you can revisit the topic. When you revisit the first topic you can see al the questions and the aswers and move throught the questions with the slide navigation controls 'prev' and 'next'. When you revisit the second topic you can see the first question, but the slide navigation controls 'prev' en 'next' are missing. You can see only the navigation control 'submit', but you can't click on anything in de slide. I can't find a difference in the options and settings between the topics. Does someone know why there's a difference between the topics? And does someone know how I can fix the second topic?

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Nienke!  The Previous and Next buttons you're seeing after initially taking the quiz are there to help learners review the quiz questions

Because they've only taken one of the quizzes, the second quiz won't show the Previous and Next buttons.  That quiz isn't in "review" mode yet, and is expecting them to submit answers when they see it the first time.

Do you want learners to take the second quiz as well?  

Nienke Knook

Yes the learners must do take the second quiz as well, they have to complete both topics.

But if they do both quizzes and they revisit topic 1 after that there's no problem. If they visit topic 2 they can't review the quiz and they can/t click on anything. I've add the course as attachment, so you can take a look. It's hard to explain..

Leslie McKerchie

Thanks for sharing Nienke.

I'm seeing the same behavior in your file and I'm able to recreate the behavior in a new file only IF I use Question Banks.

Is not using question banks an option for you? It looks like you are putting them in a certain order and they are not randomized, so hopefully that will work for you and your resume will behave as expected.


Crystal Horn

Hi Nienke!  Sorry for the confusion.  We wanted to know if it was possible for you to avoid using question banks.  Could you bring the question bank slides into the course as regular quiz slides?

Leslie only saw the problem with quiz review when question banks were being used.  We're going to investigate that behavior.  Let us know if avoiding question banks helps on your end!

Crystal Horn

Nienke - I wanted to clarify one thing.  I was able to "review" both answered quizzes.  I tried by completing the quizzes and reviewing them each before trying to revisit them both.  I also completed the quizzes and revisited them without clicking to review the quiz.

When I clicked to review the quizzes from the results slide, I saw my answers as well as the correct/incorrect feedback on the review layer, and Next and Previous buttons.

When I just revisited the quiz slides after taking the quizzes, I didn't have the review layer feedback, but I did have my answers, and the Next and Previous buttons.

Can you let me know what browser you're using to view the course?