Problem with check quiz results when publishing in HTML5


I have a problem with the check quiz results function (I hope this is the right translation, because I use the german version, where it´s called "Ergebnisse überprüfen"). I attached the Storyline file to this post.

In the preview everything is fine, but after publishing it to Moodle (also tried it standalone) in HTML5 with Flash-fallback, the button check quiz result (in the attached file "Quiz überprüfen") on sheet no. 3 doesn´t work any more, when using HTML5. It seems to have no function, nothings happens clicking it.

Everything is alright, when I use the Flash version. Any advise for this problem?

Best regards

Peter Klinka

Danube University Krems


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Susi B

Hi Peter,

this might be a dumb question but how did you publish your course? For LMS or for internet? (Should be LMS if you want to track the results of your users.) Which browser do you use?

I tested it in locally and in scorm cloud and it works fine as you can see in the attached picture.



Peter Klinka


I tried SCORM 1.2 before, but when I put it to Moodle all buttons disappear. I tried it with Firefox, Chrome and Opera, but its the same in all of these browsers. 

SCORM 1.2 looks like this:

Page 3 with the check results button isn´t reachable, because the buttons to advance are missing and its also not in the navigation. It looks like, that it may be scrolled, but there are no scrollbars. Scorm seemed to be the worst method, I tested. I also tried the AICC format, but our Moodle 3.1.7 cannot parse it.

I published with the Internet option, when I pulish it to Ariculate 360 it also works.


Peter Klinka



Alyssa Gomez

Hi Peter,

When a course isn't working correctly in a LMS, we like to test it in another LMS environment to compare how it behaves. Like Susi, I also published your course for LMS with SCORM 1.2 and uploaded it to SCORM Cloud. 

Could you test this link and let me know if you see the same problems there that you're seeing in Moodle?