Problem with conditional button

Aug 06, 2021

Hello everyone! I need help solving a problem with conditional button. I have to verify that 3 input fields were filled with only 1 letter in each. And I will have a button to validate these 3 input fields. However, the button should only appear after filling in the 3 input fields. I tried using some triggers to show and hide a layer, and in that layer I put a trigger to change the button state to Normal if the input fields are different from blank. My idea is that the layer is constantly checking the 3 input fields. But it's not working. I also want to know how to restrict the number of letters in each field to just 1 letter. I'm submitting the file for evaluation. If you can solve this in a simpler way, let me know how.

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Zsolt Olah

Hi Dimitrios!

I did a prototype a while back: but I think things have changed up in Storyline since.

If you don't want to any JavaScript, just out of the box Storyline features I would suggest using keyboard strokes rather than input fields if you want to limit to a single letter only.