Quiz with entering text and showing what user put in

I have 4 buttons (1, 2, 3, 4), each of which, when clicked, opens a layer in which there is a question and 5 fields, in which you must enter any response in the form of text, also in this layer there is a button "accept", which saves the entered text. These 4 buttons are shown again and in each button, when hovering, the beginning of the sentences that the user entered into the response fields is shown. The quiz is considered passed correctly if in each layer at least 3 fields were filled. I need an idea how to implement this. Do we need to make these layers as separate slides?

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Crystal Horn

Hi Chulpan!  No worries about not working "enough" with quizzes.  I'm sure as you continue to make courses using Storyline, you'll be a pro in no time!

I made some changes in your file to get you further along with your idea.  Here are some key takeaways:

  • To allow learners to enter text, you'll want to use a text entry field rather than a text box.  The great thing about text entry field is that they have their own text variable that will remember whatever the learners enter.  Then, you can show them what they entered somewhere else in the course!  So I added a text entry field on layer one in the first answer space.
  • Back on the base layer, since you want to reveal some of the answers that learners enter on layer 1, you can use a state change.  I added a new state to rectangle 1 which includes a caption with a variable reference to show the learners' text entry.
  • I created a trigger to show the new state when the mouse hovers over rectangle one.  I added a condition, though.  I don't want the show an empty caption if the learners haven't added any answers in layer 1.  So the condition is to change the state IF the text entry variable value isn't blank.

These ideas should help you with getting the slide to function the way you'd like.  Your next challenge will be to evaluate this slide as a quiz question.  A quiz question can only evaluate one interaction at a time, so you can't base the quiz part on three text entry fields.  Use this method for evaluating multiple text entry fields on a single quiz slide.

Let everyone know how you make out!  Share what you've got so far if you get stuck, and this community will be happy to help.