Multiple Text Entry Quiz

Aug 12, 2012

Hi and Good day to everyone.

Can it be possible to create a multiple 'Text Entry' Quiz in storyline?

3-4 text entry that the user will answer to fill in the blanks?

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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Louise,

I've been wondering about this also, and your question prompted me to do some searching. According to this Text Entry tutorial, you CAN insert more than 1 question, but only 1 will be graded.

I wonder if anyone knows how to tweak things so many entries can be graded. And, unless I missed something (entirely possible!) and it IS possible to do this w/out a tweak, perhaps this would make a good feature request.

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Louise, as I said, glad you posted since it meant I pursued it. Jeanette, I was able to create this type of quiz after watching your Screenr. Thanks. A couple thoughts:

1. Is is possible to link this thread or your Screenr to the tutorial page I'd posted above (Text Entry), so others won't assume, as I did, that this isn't doable? I know, this is sort of a bossy request . Becky "managing things." Then again, I believe Articulate's goal is to help end users find answers "in the moment of need" to throw a little elearning parlance at ya!

2. I know you know this, but I discovered it by accident because things weren't working for me: the Player Triggers for Change State of Correct and Incorrect buttons needs to be above the Submit Interaction trigger in the Triggers panel. I know trigger order is very important; that's how I knew to look for that as a troubleshooting step (by default, when I put those in they went in below the Submit Interaction trigger). I just wondered if it might be something you'd want to add to the tutorial, even with a little callout, to alert Articulate users who are NOT aware of that. I also know, however, that there's only so much you can do in 5". So, just a thought.

3. Although this is very doable with your workaround, I still feel like it's something many end users would want in the product. Is it worth a feature request, or am I being to lazy? ;-)

Jeanette Brooks

Hey Becky! Thanks for the feedback, and I think it would make an awesome feature request to add a multi-fill-in-the-blank as one of the ready-made question types! Thanks also for the suggestions on trigger order and linking the screenr to the Text Entry tutorial - much appreciated, and the link has been added.

Chris Sacco

I've created a quiz using this assessment, and seem to have uncovered some sort of potential bug.

Before I list the error keep in mind that if the user hits submit right away, the program will go to the Incorrect screen (as i think it should).

The issue is happening when someone enters in the correct text entry into a field but then also adds additional letters after it

For example, the answer to one entry is   EAT ,  and the user enters in EATS or EATING  or just has the string of letters E-A-T-S in the overall string  (ie: sadfasdfasdfasdfEATasdfasdf), an error message will be thrown.

A window comes up saying : Invalid Answer.  You must complete the question before submitting.

It took me a while to realize what was causing this. Even if all entries were full, it threw this message.

I'm just wondering if anyone has encountered  this, or if there is a way to disable this  Invalid Answer screen.

Kate Sullivan

Jeanette Brooks said:

Hi Louise and Becky,

Although the text entry question type is designed to evaluate just one text field, here's a workaround for evaluating multiple blanks on one slide: 

This is a great tutorial, thank you!  However I'm struggling with how to have more than one attempt during the interaction.  For example, say the user taking this quiz got all but one of the fill in the blanks correct.  It would be great to give them another chance to correct their mistake and have them submit the interaction again.  Is there a way to do this?


Leslie McKerchie

Hi Kate and Welcome to E-Learning Heroes! 

Is this what you are looking for:

Step 6: Choose the number of attempts (graded questions only)

By default, Storyline gives learners one attempt at your question. But if they answer incorrectly, you can give them the opportunity to retry. Use the Attempts selector to choose the number of attempts, or set it to Unlimited if you want learners to keep trying the question till they get it right. (The Attempts selector doesn’t appear on unscored questions, since those don’t have a right or wrong answer.)

This is within our tutorial found here.

Hope this helps and have a great day!

Kate Sullivan

Thanks, Leslie.  This was close to what I was looking for!  I ended up using a variable to control the number of allowed attempts since I used Convert to Freeform for the many questions on my quiz.  I set the default value of the variable to 4 and then if the answer was not correct, I deducted 1 from the variable each time the user clicked continue on the try again feedback layer.  When the variable ran down to 0, I triggered the incorrect layer to appear and then the user is forced to move on to the next question. 

After posting this reply, I kept digging within E-Learning and found this as a viable solution. 

Thanks again for your reply!


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Sid,

Towards the end of Jeanette's tutorial she shows how to determine which layer to show (correct or incorrect) based on changing the state of an off screen button with the conditions for the fill in the blanks using the AND set up, and since it's not a traditional fill in the blank (which would allow for up to 10 possible answers) this one is limited to a single answer per text field. 

Wendy Down

Hi. I'm hoping someone can help me get started. I'm just learning to use Storyline, and am creating a slide which involves correcting spelling mistakes on a menu board. The slide shows the menu board for the exercise, and then another one next to it with data entry text boxes for the menu items. These are labelled 'A', 'B' etc for the variable names.

I watched this tutorial as it seemed to lend perfectly to what I wanted to do. I have altered the response message for the 'correct' and 'incorrect' off slide buttons from the default wording, so expected to see these responses when I run it.

Instead however, I am continually getting an "Invalid Answer. You must complete this question before submitting." instead, no matter whether I put in incorrect or correct answers when trying it out.

My Triggers all look identical to the ones in the tutorial. Does anyone know why I might be getting this incomplete or invalid message or where it is coming from?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Wendy and welcome to Heroes! 

You'll need to ensure that the buttons on the off slide are what is being checked for the pick one question based on the triggers you've set up. The "selected" button will then trigger the appropriate layer. The "invalid answer" message happens when a quiz answer has not been selected, so you may also want to check the trigger order, as it'll fire from top to bottom. 

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Ashley and Wendy,

Wendy, I'll reiterate Ashley's welcome to the community.

Just wanted to add some further detail regarding Ashley's suggestion that you check trigger order: Ensure that the Submit interaction trigger is at the bottom of the trigger list. If it's not, this will also "trigger" that Invalid Answer message. (How would I know that? ummm...made that mistake).

If that's not the problem, can you attach the slide so someone from the community can try to sort it out?

Peter Klinka


this explanation was very usefull! But I have a problem with a variant of it in Storyline 2.

I have to make a test for a balance sheet. The sheet is given with predefined values and a case shoul be inserted into it. I made input boxes for all the fields of the sheet, some have to corrected, some must stay as they are. I used variables to insert the predifined values into the input boxes and gave the variables the starting values as default.

This works fine, if you enter edit every field and change at least one character, but if you leave one field untouched, Storylines does not accept the submission. It says its incomplete. If you change one character of each input field, incorrect and correct are shown als defined.

I see in your example that you also send blank input boxes and Storyline 1 accepts it, but you don´t have it filled with predefined values. Does anyone have a suggestion for this problem.