Problem with courses in SABA

Our client is already talking to SABA about these courses but they haven't come up with a solution yet, but we want to test all the possibilities on our end to see if the problem gets solved. We're also not sure about which SABA version they're using.

We published the course in Storyline 3. I've been reading that Storyline 2 courses would need a patch, that is now no longer needed with Storyline 360. Does this include Storyline 3 too? 

The client tells us that they can't upload the course to their system/can't track. They are published in Scorm 1.2 with complete/incomplete tracking (which seems to be the standard according to some threads I've seen).

Does anyone have any idea why this might be happening? Any particular way of publishing we should try to see if it uploads? Any "hacks" to do to the manifest or lms archives to make it work? Other threads I could look at more clearly to see if I can sort out this problem? Someone else having a similar issue? 

Thank you!

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