No Audio on iPads for LMS course

Jul 12, 2016

The problem I'm having stems from the fact that I don't yet have an iPad or other iDevice to test these things on and the client who is experiencing issues is experiencing them on iPads and iPhones so I really hope you guys can help point me in the right direction and guide me to a solution!

They are accessing courses through our moodle-based LMS, and need to be able to track completion so they are not using the AMP, but only Safari. They can see the courses but NO audio. I've written to them asking if they can provide the versions of iOS that this is happening in. One of my colleagues who has an iPhone had the same problem when she logged in to test it. She lives in another states so I can't witness it in action. 

I've found lots of other forum threads about similar scenarios, but they're all pretty old. One's solution was that the audio settings on the iDevice were getting turned off, but we can confirm that they can hear other audio coming from other apps and websites. 

Any insight into what could be causing this lack of audio and how we can fix it ASAP for our client? Thank you!!!!!!

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Ashley!

You may find that audio in your Articulate Storyline 2 courses doesn't always play as expected in HTML5 output when viewed on Apple iOS 9 iPads and iPhones. We added support for iOS 9 in Update 7 for Storyline 2. See this article for details on how to update your Storyline software and your published courses. Please note that we are currently on Update 9 and that link will take you to the latest update.
Ashley Schwartau

Hey Leslie, we've been using the most updated version of Storyline; every time an update comes out, we install it. These client files were published under Update 8, so they should work.

I opened a case with tech support and they said when they tested the file in the SCORM cloud on an iDevice, they could hear the audio. They sent me a video of it, but the audio is delayed and starts late. They also gave me a link for us to test, and my colleague who has the iPhone tested it and said: "Hey - I did and it launches but there is no audio of the course….what there is a very very distorted sound of ‘white’ noise if you will. No discernible voice what so ever….I am not sure how to describe it other than maybe alien white noise? So I hear something but no words….."

So clearly something is different in the iDevice and/or Safari settings.... I know nothing about Apple devices. Do any of you have any suggestions for what we can change on the iDevice to make it work?

I'm sharing the story file. It's attached.


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