Problem with email or jump to url

Apr 28, 2014

Hi all

I have been asked to create a button which will send an email to a specified address, with a custom subject and some body text

I know the code to do this using either a send email or jump to url in Articulate - and had this working last week

However, it seems to be broken now

Setting a trigger to send an email just does not work when published, and the mailto as url does nothing either

The code is below

It works in a browser etc, but even on checking when this code is in the trigger within storyline, it comes up invalid url - and as I said simply using an email trigger similarly does not work when published (preview does not support email or javascript.

Any ideas?


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Alastair,

I can't speak to the Javascript code for your email body, but if the regular send email trigger or jump to url trigger are not working when you test the published output, you'll first want to confirm your testing it within the intended environment as testing it locally could cause features of your content to fail. 

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