Problem with exit animation

Hello to all,
I have a problem with the functionality of the "Animations": If an object has an animation for exit and I let him out the same object using a trigger the animation does not work, but if the object exit at the end of the animation timeline working properly.

How can I fix the problem (if a solution exists)?

THX in advance.

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Phil Mayor

Do you mean you make the object visible via a trigger?  If the answer is yes then the exit animation will only work if it is made visible on the timeline where the exit animation was expected to happen otherwise it will always be visible.

The only solution is to make the object visible on a layer and then the animation will happen

Rinaldo Troiani

I try to explain:
I have a button that activates (trigger) a layer where there is a box with an animation in and until everything is right, on this layer I have a button that closes (trigger) the same layer and the out animation
of the box does not work .

Then the object owner of the animation, both incoming and outgoing, is on the same layer.

Why the above animation works incoming and outgoing rather not?

stanton mackellar

Rinaldo, if it is important to you that you have that exit animation, you can work around this limitation.

  1. Create a fresh layer that is a duplicate of the layer that you want to exit from. Shorten the timeline to a second or two and apply the exit animation to all the desired objects.
  2. Show Layer (the new duplicated layer) when you would normally have exited (timeline end, object click, etc.) [Objects will exit animate]
  3. Trigger the slide to jump back to the base layer (hide layer) or wherever automatically at the end of timeline.

A little more work (maintenance) for you, but oblivous to the learner.



Leslie McKerchie

Hello Center for Educational Innovation,

I'm glad that the conversation here was able to help you out as well.

I haven't heard anything about this topic in a while, but I'd like to better understand the use-case for this feature so I can get this information passed on to my team.

You can share it with me here or feel free to submit your own feature request directly here.

MaryAnne Schad

I agree that I should be able to use an exit animation on an object via a trigger, not just when the timeline ends. We have it for entrance (change state to normal) triggers, but not for exits. I realize there are transitions for whole slides, but not for the exit of individual objects.

I will also follow your link for a feature request. Until that happens, it looks like I'll have to implement the work around listed above.