Problem with IE 9 and Storyline 2

Mar 11, 2015

We have been experiencing issues with IE 9 and Storyline 2. Corporately we are restricted to using IE 9 so we don't have many options there. One thing I was curious about is how Storyline knows what browser to use when it publishes or tries to preview the published file. I added chrome as a test to my computer and now when I preview it launches Chrome and not IE. Is there a setting somewhere to specific which browser to use with Storyline 2?

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Debbie Tatu

We are finding that when publishing it freezes up and we have to quit Storyline 2 using the task manager and then have to re-start it several times to get it to publish correctly. I've found other postings where users are having this same problem that are using IE9 but not on other browsers.We're corporately locked down to IE 9 but I can test with another browser and might be able to get special persmission for our ID to use other browsers if we can confirm it resolves the problem.  I'll see if I can change the association as you've suggested. Thank you!


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Debbie,

I'm not sure I entirely understand your question - but the previewing is withint Storyline itself and not a regular browser - although it is based off of IE. Once you publish your course you're welcome to use any of the recommended browser detailed here. 

If Storyline is not working as expected it's also a good idea to confirm that you're working locally and then I'd look at conducting the repair. 

Debbie Tatu

I had read that others were experiencing problems when publishing from Storyline 2. We experience a freeze when we publish. Users have to use task manager and stop Storyline and start it again and usually the second or third time they are able to publish successfully.  I have seen that others were using IE 9 in particular and that seemed to be somehow related to the issue. Others that were using non IE browsers were not experiencing this freezing issue. It's making the instructional designers frustrated and wasting time.  I was wondering how Storyline knows what browser to interact with and I have discovered that with some help from Steve above and unfortunately changing our default browser has not resolved our publishing issues.  We do not experience the freezing on the old Storyline only on Storyline 2.  Just so that others know you can change the association by finding the Swf.html file and choosing to open with another browser. When you do when you go to preview after publishing it will use the associated browser to preview and I thought that would somehow relate to the publishing but it doesn't appear to for us.


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

HI Debbie,

I'm aware of a few threads where users have had difficulty publishing, and Storyline freezes as you mentioned - but I didn't see notification of a particular browser they were using....can you point me to one of those threads? Storyline's preview and publish to CD options are based off of Internet Explorer, although we support the browsers mentioned here for viewing the published output. I'm not sure how you're adjusting the .swf file for previewing, but it's not something I'd be able to offer support for regardless. 

Debbie Tatu

Hi Ashley,

I can't find the posting I found yesterday but it was a discussion about Storyline 2 and IE and how it was working for some in chrome and newer versions of IE. I'll post if it I find it.

Thank you,

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