Storyline 360 Screen Capture poor resolution

Jan 12, 2017

Hi team,

I'm capturing screen recordings using storyline 360 and I'm getting really poor results compared to storyline 2. When I preview the published file (SCORM) in IE 11, it's really fuzzy, but when I preview using CHROME, it's ok. We need to use IE for our LMS.

I've increased the video quality to 9 (no improvement).

Here's the attached file for you to look at.

Thanks in advance,


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Angela O'Brien

Hi again,  When I upload this screen recording to our LMS, the resolution is a lot clearer (in IE 11). See image attached.

Check out the published mode image attached to compare what the published project looks like when I preview it locally using IE 11.

With Storyline 2, I always get the same resolution when previewing a published project locally or uploaded to LMS.
Why is it different with 360? This is interrupting my workflow.

Thanks again

Leslie McKerchie

Hey Angela - would you be able to share your .story file so that I can see the Preview issue you mention here? We recommend viewing the published output in the intended environment as well, so viewing locally when published for LMS is not recommended. If you need to view locally, you may want to publish to CD. This article may explain the process a bit more.

Tom S

I'm having issues with SL 360 and screen recording as well. Whether exported to Review, LMS, CD or Web, regardless of browser type, the screen recording videos are fuzzy. 

When publishing to CD, the only difference or advantage is the smaller window to work with. As soon as it's put into a full screen - its very fuzzy. 

It looks 100x clearer when using SL2. 

Crystal Horn

Hi there, Tom. Thanks for sharing what you've tested so far. I like to start with this article about creating high quality screencasts.

In Storyline 360, the modern player will scale to fill any size browser window. If that scaling is causing your screen recording to appear blurry because of the change in resolution, you may want to explore using the classic player and locking the player at the optimal size. If you're still seeing issues, though, we'd love to help further with your project.

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