Problem with LMS and link


I have a problem with my link I am using:

But the following is coming up - see attached. scorm/content/15/null

The code used has been tested previously and has just suddenly stopped working.

Any help gratefully received!



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Brian Allen

The message in your attached screenshot is not generated by Articulate, 100% confident about that.

It is a general message you will see when a page on a website no longer exists ("no web page was found").

The only explanations/solutions for this will be on the LMS side. Common issues that come to mind: 

  • Your link is wrong (even though it was right at some point in time)
  • The content has been deleted 
  • The content has been moved
  • The content is still there but has been modified (start page renamed)
  • The course has been modified some how on the LMS side and is causing a problem (??)

Sorry it's not more help, but this really is a problem your LMS administrator will have to assist with unfortunately.

s amer

Thank you Brian I understand this isn't necessarily a Articulate issue. I possibly haven't put in the correct place?

I am reaching out to the Articulate community who may have experienced a similar problem.

I have loaded the following into the address bar

and it is launching the opra1 module as requested.

it is the null at the end of the error page that is confusing me

as it looks like the LMS can't link to the index_lms_html5.html file? which could possibly be a issue when publishing my file?



Brian Allen

It's not uncommon for a server to have a redirect page or method of handling the "page cannot be found" error.

I'd say that, in this case, "null" is the LMSs method of displaying the page cannot be found error in the event you try to launch content that is no longer available or has been changed somehow.

The fact that you said the link *used* to work at some point convinces me that the LMS was linking to your index_lms_html5.html file, but for whatever reason it no longer can.

If the link *never* worked to begin with, then I'd say it's a possible publishing issue, which could be resolved just by sending your LMS admin a new SCORM package to replace the existing course content with.