Problem with Non-Linear Structure

I am trying to create a non-liner course using the light-box feature and am struggling. Here is what I am trying to do...

 - Opening slide pauses - goes to first quiz slide (as light-box)
 - Answer question and hit "Submit" and light-box slide should close and return to main slide
 - Main slide continues then pauses - goes to second quiz slide (as light-box
- Answer question and hit "Submit" and light-box slide should close and return to main slide
 - At end of main slide go to results slide

However, it keeps wanting to not go back to the main slide but play both quiz slides in a row.

I have attached my storyline file - if someone could point out what I am doing wrong - I would greatly appreciate it!


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Helen Tyson

Hi Bill

What's going on is that having removed the feedback from your question slides the Submit Interaction trigger has inbuilt functionality that moves you onto the next slide, so it never reaches the Close Lightbox trigger.

To get round this you should have feedback but remove everything from the feedback layers - change the layer layout to blank and delete the other items - and then reduce the layer time line to as short as possible.  Then move your Close Lightbox trigger to the layers and have it work on the timeline.

I've done a quick demo version for you here.

Hope that helps


Bill Creger

Okay - I see how it works so now I have modified the file - kept the blank feedback - and now does the same thing again - quiz slides play in sequence instead of the first - then back to main - then the second.

I appreciate your help - I wouldn't think this would be that tough!


Bill Creger

Okay - figured it out - had the results slide appearing at the end of the video which actually extended past all of the other elements which is why I was getting a white screen. Move the trigger to a "fixed" element which I knew where it ended and it works.

Hopefully the last of my problems.

Thank you for all of your help!!!!