Lightbox issue with seekbar in SL2

Feb 22, 2016


I have a progress check setup as a light box that is accessed from the player menu, so that it can be accessed at any point in the course. All slides are set to reset to initial state when revisiting. When you close the light box and try to reset the slide on the seek bar, instead of automatically playing, it resets it but pauses the slide at the start. When you close the light box, the slide plays from the point you opened the light box. The issue only happens when you click on the reset part of the seek bar after opening the light box. Anyone aware why this happens? and know how to stop it pausing?   

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James Hogg

unfortunately not as i work for a large corporation and all is classed as confidential. It is the replay function in the standard seekbar. If you lightbox a slide close it then try to replay from the seekbar the slide resets but if you click the replay function on a slide you did not lightbox on, the slide resets and autoplays. 

James Hogg

Thanks Leslie. I have attached a small file with three slides and a lightbox. Launch the course, then after listening to the slide click the lightbox in the player window top right. Then try to use the replay function on the seekbar. It will reset the slide but not autoplay. If you use the reset function without opening the lightbox the replay function will autoplay every time.  

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