Layer Seek Bar Issue

Feb 13, 2020

I have faced slide layer seek bar lock issue on revisiting the slide.

I have a slide with 10 or more slide layers which are displayed on click of button. Slide layer settings are as:

  • Reset to initial state.
  • Allow seeking- yes.

Player setting for seek bar: Allow user to drag seek bar on completion.

On revisiting the slide user can drag seek bar for some slide layer and some are still in lock state.

Is it storyline issue?

I have attached dummy story file and output for your reference.

Looking forward for reply.

Thanks and Regards


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Ren Gomez

Hi Akshay,

Thanks for reaching out and providing your file! I was able to replicate the issue you're describing, and I'm sorry you're running into this bug!

It seems when the seekbar is set to drag upon completion, you should be able to revisit the slide and drag at any point in time. I have reported it to my team and will continue to keep an eye on it to evaluate how many customers are impacted and what impact it has on courses.

I'll be sure to pop back in here when there's any progress to share!

Ren Gomez

Hi Elena,

I'm sorry you're running into this bug as well! This is still an open issue with our team, but we'll let folks know in this discussion once we have more info to share. 

Can you clarify what you mean by showing the seekbar without adding width to the player? Are you running into issues seeing the seekbar displayed when you have a narrow player?

Ren Gomez

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to pop in and share some good news where we fixed the issue with inconsistent behavior by the conditional seekbar when a layer is reset to initial state!

To help clarify this fix, the conditional seekbar is now consistent in allowing the user to immediately drag upon revisiting as long as the layer timeline is completed during the initial viewing.

If the user did not allow the timeline to complete in each layer, then those specific layers will not be immediately draggable upon revisit.

Here's how to install the latest Storyline 360 update to see all the recent enhancements and fixes. If the problem reappears, please record a Peek 360 screencast for me, and I'll be happy to help!