Seek Bar on Layers

Mar 21, 2022

My company wants the seek bar locked so people can't just slide through. Now I have a person telling me to Allow seeking on the layer so the time line will show time on each layer. This also allows the learner to seek through the layer and not listen to it. Defeating the lock the seek bar on the base layer. I need some help here. Is there a way to restart the time line on the layer without allowing the learner to slide it? 

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Eric Schaffer

Veronica, you are correct. Now the next step is when the time line ends, the learner needs to click on 3 layers to activate the next button. My SME wants the time line to restart on each layer. When I go to the layer menu and and allow seeking the time line restarts, but the user can seek and skim though the layers and not listen to the audio. 

So, my real question is can we restart the seek bar every time a layer is click on and not allow seeking. 

Veronica Budnikas

So you want the seekbar to start on each layer to show the length of each layer and to not be seekable? Don't think you can do that.

But, I agree with Tom, if you are not going to let them 'seek', don't use a 'seekbar', it seems confusing to have something that typically would allow you to seek. If you just want to show length of layer, or video or audio or whatever, use something else like an animation or even just a simple text box that says how long it is.

Also, your SME could try to make the audio more interesting/meaningful if they are worried the learners might skip it. ;) 

Jamie Shaw

If I can suggest the following option...

Firstly, go to the Player menu.  Under Player Controls, tick the Seekbar box, and then select 'Allow Drag After Completion'.  Now, you need to untick that Seekbar box (this seems counterintuitive but stay with me).  

By doing the above, it hides the Seekbar on all slides, apart from those where you have ticked the Seekbar option in the Slide Properties screen.  Slides with this option ticked should only be videos, and nothing interactive. 

When the learner gets to the slide in question, the seekbar will display, but they will not be able to drag it - at first.  Once they have completed watching the video, the seekbar then becomes draggable (hence the 'Allow drag after completion' option).  There is also a replay button that the learner can click at any time, to the right of the seekbar.

I don't know what's on the 3 layers you're talking about, but if you want to hide the Next button until the video is finished, just place a custom button on the timeline, and have it appear 5 seconds or so before the video ends.

I hope this makes sense!