problem with relative motion paths

Jul 08, 2015

I am trying to get an object to move along a path with the narration. The motion from the starting position to the 2nd position works fine. The motion from positions 2 and 3 have been problematic, but I've finally gotten the shapes to land where they're supposed to. The problem is that even though I've set them with relative starting points, Positions 2 and 3 go back to the original starting point. Are you able to look at my file and see what I'm missing

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Mike Enders

Hi Leslie!

To follow up.  You can have 3 paths and use relative start points. But your 2nd path would need to end where the 1st path ends. And then the 3rd path begins where the 2nd path ends. In your file you had all 3 motion paths starting at the same point.  Hence the jump back even with the relative start.  

So in the baseball example, Motion path 01 starts at home plate and goes to first base.  Motion path 02 starts at first base and then goes to 2nd, etc. 

I hope this helps!


Leslie Steele

Yes, that does help somewhat. That’s kind of how the video explained it, and in order to do that, the narrator copied the image that moves to the 2nd position, and then to the 3rd position. When I tried that, I was not able to get the ending points correct all the time. It even had the last path end up off the side of my graphic sometimes. I’ll keep experimenting and see if I can see what I did wrong. Thank you again!

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