problem with scroll feature

Hey everyone

I'm building a course and there are some slides with long texts. I want to add a feature so that when you hover on a highlighted word it gives a short explanation. so far so good. I know how to do that.

but when i put this long text in a scroll box things get glitchy ; and when you hover on that word the explanation appears for a millisecond and then disappears.

I created a file to you could see what i mean. hover the mouse on the bold words and you should see a bubble appearing as long as you keep the mouse on the word.  ( if it didn't glitch at first, just scroll up and down couple of times and it will happen)

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Michael Hinze

One issue was that your rollover shapes had no fill. They should have a solid fill but 100% transparency. Otherwise the mouse 'falls through' the 'empty' shapes. Also, I would simply add the captions to the hover states of the shapes, which makes triggers unnecessary. See attached a quick example.