Problem with slide numbering in question banks

I'm using the new slide number feature in Storyline 360 to count questions in a question bank.

So on each slide, I have Question # of 30, where # is the system variable Scene.SlideNumber, displaying in Project (rather than Menu) order. I have all slides excluded except the slide draw itself. But the question numbers are displaying 1,3,5,7 (ie missing even numbers), but then is OK from 8 onwards (displays all numbers). When I get to the end it displays Question 33 from 30, because 2,4 and 6 have been skipped.

Is anyone seeing a similar problem? What am I doing wrong? Articulate - is this a known bug?

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Dayn,

I'm trying to recreate this scenario to test it out, and I'm not having much luck. I'd love to take a look at your Storyline project to dig in further. Are you able to share a copy of it with me here in E-Learning Heroes? If you'd prefer to share privately, you can send it to our Support Team here.