Problem with "Step-by-Step" in Articulate

Mar 12, 2018

Hello all!


Hope you are all doing good!

I have a peculiar problem and I would like to know if anyone has found a solution or at least encountered the same issue.

I’m using articulate storyline 2 and also a trial of articulate 360 for screen recording of a “step- by step” process in another program. I’ve done this many time before and I love the ease of the incorporated captions while demonstrating the process, yet in this recording captions and slides per step were omitted.

What I did: When I finished the recording, I clicked the button “Step-by-Step”, selected my language of preference and finally added on to a new scene. The slides appeared like they normally do on a storyboard, but I noticed they were not enough slides for the long video I was recording (12-15 min approximately). Steps were pointed out when I clicked on the desktop icon when the program opened the steps stopped and then it became a continuous long video. The last slide had the full video of the process demonstration, but that was not the intention.


Somehow articulate did not recognize this program, its icons or buttons, because not even one was identified as a step-by-step slide.


Added Info: The program used is called Evolution and its main purpose is medical billing.


I appreciate any help I can get with the issue.

 Thanks, in advanced!


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