Problem with Submit button when Publishing to Flash

May 23, 2017

I am publishing the same Storyline file published to Flash and to HTML. The HTML version works perfectly in Chrome, but the Flash version doesn't in Internet Explorer. The published Flash version in IE has a problem with text input in its hands-on exercise. The correct text is inputted into the hotspot, but nothing happens when the Submit button is pressed. No error message is displayed, and the video does not advance to the next slide. Any thoughts?

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Angel Forfang

I have a similar issue, though it is regarding the default "Submit" player button on the navigation bar.  The submit button works fine, it is only the text that is missing.

When publishing in HTML, all works fine.  However, when I publish in Flash the text for the "Submit" button disappears.  The NEXT and PREV button text are fine.  I've checked the Player > Text Labels settings and all is set up correctly. 

Would appreciate any input on this matter as well.

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