Problem with Submitting Results in Quiz

So I cannot seem to figure out how to make the end of my quiz go to different slides based on the percentage that the user gets when they finish the quiz. Basically I want the user to go to the "Try Again" screen if they fail or the "You Passed" screen if they get 100%. I have tried playing with the variables on the last question of my quiz so that when they hit the "Next" button it will submit the results and take them to one of the two pages while showing them the percentage they got right. Can someone please help understand which variables to use in order to do this. I have attached what I have so far.

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Evan Davis

Thanks for responding Martin. The reason I didn't use layers was our LMS system is having a hard time getting the data from the quiz to signal if the user has passed or failed. So we decided to get around this issue by having two separate pages and have the LMS system trigger pass or fail when they get to a certain slide in the course. So we need the two different pages in order for the LMS to read that the user has passed the course because they reached the "You Passed" slide and it doesn't have to get the information for what percentage they scored on the quiz.

Martin Garnett

Hmm, that's a tricky one! You need to land on your Results slide for it to record your results as far as I know.

A trick you could do is on your results slide, you could have a button saying "Submit results to LMS" or something along those lines. When they click that, THEN you can re-direct them to the relevant page?

Sorry, it's a bit of a hack, but I'm not sure you can get results without landing on your results page.