Problem with triggers during a screen recording

Mar 22, 2022

I have a problem with triggers during a screen recording (for a software "simulation").
Indeed, at times, I double-click on certain elements to advance in my simulation, but during the tests on Storyline review, it is set to "one click" only and I cannot change the trigger to "double-click". Leaving it at single click distorts the simulation, as it is necessary to double click in real life to advance.
How can I change these settings once the screen is saved?
Thanks in advance for your help!

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Andrea Koehntop

Hi Amaury! I understand that you would like to set a trigger to advance the simulation when the user double-clicks. 

I tested this on my end, and I was able to select "user double clicks" from the dropdown menu options for "When" in the triggers panels. Here's a helpful article on how to add and edit triggers in Storyline

Please let me know if that helped you edit your trigger, or if you need additional assistance.