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May 13, 2012

I have several scenes which are acessed from a navigation slide in a Navigation scene. I set a True/false variable to change to true when the last slide of a particular scene is completed and navigates back to the nav screen. On the Nav slide there is a check box to show that the scene has been completed. So the check box is meant to be "selected" when the variable is set to true. But when the user returns to the Nav scene the check box remains unchecked. I have created a light box which allows me to check the state of variables and the variable in question does change to true when the the user is returned to the NAv screen. I have also placed a button on the Nav screen that can manually set the variable to true; under this condition the check box works as expected. As another test I created a new numerical variable so that initail is set to "0" and when a scene is completed the var is added "10", I set a condition of the var is >1 to check the box on the Nav screen. This also does not work.

It seems that when moving between scenes Vars are not checked? yet within a scene Vars are checked or am I missing something?

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Colin Harm

Thanks Steve

Having problems uploading to forum so files are at drop box.

I have cut the project down to the bare minimum so you can see what is happening, click on the Paris option and follow the link. I have placed the test button on the main Nav screen to show what should happen. The variable in question is called vParis. As you can see the Paris checkbox should be checked when the suer completes the scenario in paris.

Let me know if I am using the variables incorectly?

Steve Flowers

I see what's going on, Colin. The trigger is listening for the variable to change. Since it changed on the other slide, this slide doesn't see the *change* only the results. It's listening for a change.

If you change your trigger to this, it'll work on return.

Change state of Paris to Selected When the timeline starts If vParis is equal to True.

Carlos Bohórquez

Hello there

I may have the same issue. I need an idea about how to create some variables.
I'm trying to create a module where people has to response some questions. If they don't have the correct answers they have to take the test back and answer it right. When I post on the results slide, if i play the tigger "failure" it goes back to the slide I said, but I can't restart the test and it just let me see the slide as I saw it before. I can't give another answer.

I would appreciate any kind of help, I'm quitte new on this

Thank you!

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