Show a Completed State for a button after all slides in a Scene are viewed

Feb 10, 2016

Maybe I am just not wired for variables...

I have a course with a Home scene and 3 other scenes connected to Home.  I would like to show a "completed state" for Scene 1 button after all slides in Scene 1 are "visited" (I don't have a visited state set).   I would also like this Scene 1 btn to remain completed throughout all scenes in the course.  

I set 3 variables to false (one for each button)

Then on each slide:

Adjust variable, variable <button1>, =Assignment, Value of True, When User Clicks <button1> 

Then I add the trigger:

Change state of <button1> to Completed, when Timeline starts, object Home Slide, show condition: if value of <button1> equals true.

I know that I am missing something (or many things) and have attached my file here.  

*note: I have added hotspots and hovers as well.


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Tom Kuhlmann

There are also some other areas where you can probably remove some triggers and make it more efficient. For example, hover state doesn't require a trigger. On the buttons you have a hotspot to that changes the button and text to hover states.

You could get rid of the hotspots and combine the text and buttons. In addition, you can evaluate states. For example, you could have a trigger that says change the state of BTN A to Hover if the State of BTN X is Hover. 

I combined the buttons to have one hove state and simplified the triggers. You can see how much the trigger panel cleared up.

Dana Kocalis

Thank you to everyone and Walt for helping me through this.  I finally got it to work.  I finally understand what Walt was saying all along, which was to set the variable to true on the last slide when a person clicks next, or in my case, I set the variable to true on the start of the last slide.  My first big attempt in putting variables into an actual Storyline project and there is no way that I could have figured it out without this dynamo community.  Thanks everyone.  I'll buy you a coffee at the Food and Beverage Industry Weekly Challenge...let's go :)

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