Problem with Wipe animation in Storyline 3 when course is published

Dec 07, 2017


Is anyone else having an issue when using the wipe animation? I have 3 rectangles that wipe from the top. It works fine in Preview mode but as soon as I publish to CD version the animation no longer works and the images "pop" on to the slide.

Is this a bug and is there a fix?


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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Jan,

The Wipe animation and other masking animations don't work well in Internet Explorer because HTML5 support there is lagging behind other browsers. Those animations also won't work in CD-published output, since it relies on Internet Explorer to play the content. 

I hope that clears things up--let me know if you have other questions!

songpon domethong

I have to publish my course for CD to submit to my supervisor in another country. Though I view it from .exe, wipe animation has not been activated like the way I design it. BTW, what if I don't want to change my animation or transition since those animation or transition fit to my course. 

Any suggest to solve this issue? Or what browser will you recommend?

Katie Riggio

Hi there, Songpon. Great questions to ask!

Since some HTML5 animations and transitions don't work in IE or Edge, we've come up with these workarounds around this Microsoft limitation:

    • View the Flash version of the course.
    • Use a different web browser, such as Chrome or Firefox.

Let us know if that helps, and if you have any other questions. Happy to help!

Victor Madison

OK, I understand that in story files published for CD, the .exe files uses IE to run.  So the WIPE type animation won't run properly.  My client runs my CBT in both stand alone (CD version) and LMS.  In the past, with Storyline 2, I just changed the name of the ".exe" file to the name of the module (i.e. hydraulics.exe) to run as a stand alone version.  So, in simple terms, how should I publish the files for stand alone use for my client who uses Edge as their browser?  Once published, how does my client run the CBT produced in Storyline 3?  Please be specific in your reply. 

The solution by Katie says, "view the Flash version of the course".  What does that mean?


Crystal Horn

Hi there, Vic. The CD/local output will always use Internet Explorer to play the content. This means that "wipe" animations won't work in your Storyline 3 CD output. The output will still open the same way, however. Use the Launch_Story.exe file to open the course. 

Katie's answer above would be helpful for content published for the web that includes both HTML5 and Flash output. I'm sorry if that was confusing!

Victor Madison

Thank you Crystal and Katie for your help in explaining this issue.  I fully understand the incompatibility of the new HTML5 files with the browsers.  I also see the list of animations that won't work.  However, those "masking" type animations and slide transitions are the ones I use frequently to achieve my desired effects.  It is also not possible to "view the flash version of the course" locally from the hard drive (security reasons).  the other suggestion to "use another browser" is great for me personally but is not a practical solution to suggest to a client at a large facility.  Therefore, I have to use less effective animations when using SL3 or revert back to SL2 for my client with IE when developing for CD publishing - bummer.

Wesley Adams

I noticed in IE 11 that the Wipe animation just pops. But based on this link:

At least in "Mobile Devices" these animations are converted to fades.

Fades are working in IE 11 so why are animations like the Wipe NOT defaulting at least as a Fade animation in IE 11?

Wesley Adams

Thanks Ashley! I did see that link above and thanks for the information.

My apologies as I don't think I was clear in my question.

I was wondering since the normal "Fade" animation is supported on IE11 or Microsoft Edge, why can't the unsupported animation (ie: masking category) be converted to this Fade animation as it does on Mobile Devices listed on the support link I included above? It looks like it was my mistake to assume that it would just "Fade" in IE11 and Edge.

It's something I've wondered for awhile and just accepted that some animations would always just "pop-in" in IE11. I know it may or may not be tricky to do on the back end of SL's animation features. Maybe time adding support for a dated/unique web environment may be better used on other current browsers?

If it's not easy enough to do, that's ok. I just want to know as much as I can when talking to clients and our development team about animation support on certain browsers. Thanks!

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Wesley,

Thanks for clarifying. Yes, we are aware that the content is handled differently between mobile devices and IE/Edge which is why the support articles are different. 

The HTML5 limitation is within Microsoft. We support the latest versions of the browsers listed here for viewing courses.

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