Problem woth results slide

Jan 30, 2015


I've hit a problem with my results slide which I'm hoping someone can help me with.

I've built an assessment at the end of the course comprising 10 questions - a mix of MC and drag and drop. All questions are set using the inbuilt SL tools. I've set up a results slide but I can't get it to capture the results accurately. I've checked all of the correct answers to the indiviudal questoins and all are definitely correct.

I have run two tests:

When I input all correct answers, I get a score of 80% but when I view the results questions 2,3, 6 and 7 show as wrong?

When I input all incorrect answers, I get a score of 0 but when I review the results, question 9 always shows as correct.

I have uploaded my story file.

Could someone please take a look?

Many thanks,


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Wendy Farmer

Hi Dean

I turned on feedback by question - to test when I was getting them right to match them to the results slide. 

What I can see is

Q1 trigger is setting Q1 variable true

Q2 doesn't have a trigger set

Q3 trigger is setting Q4 true

Q4 trigger is setting Q5 true

Q5 trigger is setting Q8 true

Q6 trigger is setting Q9 true

Q7 trigger is setting Q10 true

Q8 triggers are unassigned as per previous post

Q9 doesn't have a trigger

Q10 is setting Q9 true but has assigned conditions...

as these are the variables that are reflected on the results screen you might want to take a look at those first to see if it makes a difference

Just did the test - got #2 wrong intentionally

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