Problems embedding Storyline 2 into Canvas

I am trying to embed Articulate stories into my Canvas classes and am running to problems. I can successfully embed one presentation in a course, but any attempts to embed more than one in the same course causes all but the initial one to not work. They will not load anything past the first page, instead showing a spinning cursor indefinitely. 

Has anyone been able to successfully embed more than one Storyline in a Canvas course? Any help is appreciated! Thanks!

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Stacy,

I'm not familiar with Canvas, but I know there are a few users in the community who mention using it, such as in this thread. You may want to reach out to them specifically using the "contact me" button on their profile to see if they're able to offer specific ideas. 

Also, have you reached out to the Canvas team to see if they have any additional suggestions? You'll also want to confirm that you're publishing for LMS as described here - and you may want to share a bit more about what happens (error message, course doesn't work right, etc.) here for any other users who may utilize Canvas and could weigh in with other solutions for you.