Problems opening embedded Word files in Storyline

I have added a Word document within a Storyline file via hyperlink. When I publish and play locally - no problem, the Word document opens on clicking the hyperlink. When I send the published file to another machine and I try to open the file, nothing happens - even though the document is in the External Source folder within the published file structure.

Any suggestions?

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Patti Bryant

Hi Jeremy!

If you're adding this to the resources section in the player, here are instructions that may help.

If you're not using the resources section in the player, read on...

Here are the 2 things I would check:

  1. is the link as follows: 'documentname.doc' - There shouldn't be anything else listed here.
  2. After publishing the course, did you copy the .doc file to the published folder (root)? You have to copy the .doc file to the published folder each time 

Also, does it absolutely need to be a Word file or could it be a PDF? I've had more success using a PDF. 

If this doesn't work, what if you uploaded the Word file to dropbox and used the public link in the course? Then, you wouldn't have to keep copy the file each time you republish the course.

I hope this helps!

Keepin' the joy,